Fun Family Activities to try at home

  1. Play a board game
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Put a puzzle together
  4. Spend some time reading together
  5. Play at the park
  6. Bake treats together
  7. Build a blanket fort and tell ghost stories
  8. Go on a treasure/scavenger hunt
  9. Have a dance party in the living room
  10. Set up a tea party with dolls and stuffed animals
  11. Play card games
  12. Have a spa day and paint nails
  13. Get out the craft supplies and paint or draw
  14. Write a family story with pictures
  15. Look through old photo albums
  16. Have a water gun or water balloon fight
  17. Picnic in the yard or the living room
  18. Build with LEGOs or blocks
  19. Go on bike ride
  20. Get out the chalk and draw all over the sidewalk or driveway
  21. Color together
  22. Play charades or hide and seek
  23. Plant a garden
  24. Make construction paper crafts: paper airplanes, cone party hats, paper chains, etc.
  25. Paint rocks and go rock hunting
  26. Fly kites
  27. Play 20 Questions and learn more about each other
  28. Start a Family Tree
  29. Go fishing
  30. Go swimming
  31. Play an outdoor game: Frisbee, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, etc
  32. Clean together
  33. Run through the sprinkler
  34. Roast s’mores over the fire
  35. Find old or unmatched socks and make sock puppets
  36. Turn old boxes into imagination filled adventures
  37. Camp out in the backyard
  38. Play an old-school game like kick the can or capture the flag
  39. Cook meals together
  40. Play with a pet