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Main doorway of Bedford Primary School

History of Bedford Primary School

   In 1964, two consolidated high schools, Liberty and Staunton River, were opened in Bedford County. The former Bedford High School became Bedford Elementary. Liberty Academy was closed and its students became pupils of Bedford Elementary and Bedford Primary Schools. In April 1964, ground was broken for a new building, which was to be erected on the athletic field of the Liberty Academy grounds. It was named Bedford Primary School and was operated jointly with Bedford Elementary School. Since the building was not ready by September, the school began in the Liberty Academy building with a faculty of fourteen teachers and approximately 350 students, and continued there until November.

   In 1966, the primary children from Bridge Street Elementary School were added to Bedford Primary School.

   In 1972, Bedford Primary became a separate school, and in 1973, a kindergarten program was begun with five kindergarten teachers. In 1976, three mobile classrooms were placed on the lawn behind the building; and two more mobiles were added in the summer of 1984, increasing the capacity of the school. In 1986, a seventh mobile was added to accommodate the preschool developmentally delayed class.

   In the summer of 1989, with the move of the second grade to Bedford Elementary, five of the mobile units were removed from the school. In the spring of 1993, the two remaining mobile units were removed from the school in preparation for a new wing to be added during the summer.

   In March of 1994, eight additional classrooms were officially opened on the east wing of the school and with increasing enrollment; two mobile units with two classrooms each were added to the site in 1996.

   During the summer of 2008, with the move of the sixth grade to Bedford Elementary from the Annex at Bedford Science and Technology Center, the second grade returned to Bedford Primary School.  In the summer of 2011, the second grade returned to Bedford Elementary School when the sixth grade moved to Bedford Middle School and allowing all but one mobile to be removed from the grounds of Bedford Primary School.