BCPS Science courses follow the 2018 VDOE Standards of Learning which has a strong focus on the Scientific and Engineering Practices.  The Scientific and Engineering Practices reflected in the 2018 Science Standards of Learning describe behaviors that scientists engage in as they investigate the natural world and the practices that engineers use as they design and build models and systems.

VDOE 2018 Science Curriculum Framework
Kindergarten:  Using my senses to understand my world
1st grade:  How I interact with my world
2nd grade:  Change occurs all around us
3rd grade:  Interactions in our world
4th grade:  Our place in the solar system
5th grade:  Transforming matter and energy
6th grade:  Our world; our responsibility
7th grade:  Life Science
8th grade:  Physical Science
9th grade:  Biology or Environmental Science
*students may request an alternative activity to an animal dissection.

Bedford County Chemical Hygiene Plan

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