Staff Directory 2023-24

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BPS 2023-2024 Staff Listing
Title Name Location Email
Principal Ms. Lisa Dellis OFFICE [email protected]
Preschool Teachers Mrs. Debra Bond 5 [email protected]
  Mrs. Cynthia Bradley 1 [email protected]
Ms. Hannah Willis 4 [email protected]
Mrs. Joanie Overstreet 1A [email protected]
Mrs. Kristi Shoen 3 [email protected]
Kindergarten Mrs. Melanie Coleman 3A [email protected]
Mrs. Tiffani Jones 5A [email protected]
Mrs. Chelsea Johnson 6A [email protected]
Mrs. Rachael Patterson 7A [email protected]
Mrs. Jessica Skow 8A [email protected]
Mrs. Mary Catherine Steigerwald 4A [email protected]
First Grade Mrs. Maria Barlow 12 [email protected]
Mrs. Natalie Cifuentes 11 [email protected]
  Ms. Cassidy Duncan 14  [email protected]
Ms. Christie Wood 10 [email protected]
Mrs. Wanda Roberts 9 [email protected]
Mrs. Brooke Sitzler 13 [email protected]
Special Education Teachers Mrs. Anna “Katie” Clark 2A & 1 [email protected]
Ms. Shawna Surface 7 [email protected]
Speech Pathologist Mrs. Megan Lancaster 7 [email protected]
Speech Pathology Assistant
Mrs. Colleen Hogan 7 [email protected]
School Nurse Mrs. Melissa Jarvis, RN CLINIC [email protected]
Library Media Specialist Mrs. Heidi Overfelt LIBRARY [email protected]
Reading Specialists Mrs. Teresa Avery 8 [email protected]
Success For All Facilitator Mrs. Stephanie Levey 8 [email protected]
Instructional Coach Mrs. Brenda Willis 8 [email protected]
Art Teacher Ms. Stephanie Joachim 6 [email protected]
Music Teacher Ms. Monica Chisom 6 [email protected]
Physical Education Teacher Mrs. Caitlyn Benson MOBILE 1 [email protected]
Guidance Counselor Mrs. Cheryl Musgrove GUIDANCE [email protected]
Preschool Lead Teachers Mrs. Cherie Daniels MOBILE 2 [email protected]
Mrs. Ashley Safrit MOBILE 2 [email protected]
Mrs. Cheryl Coles
  [email protected]
  Mrs. Erin Gordon
  [email protected]
Mrs. Doreen Gundel [email protected]
Ms. Ashley Heffelfinger [email protected]
Ms. Tammy Johnston [email protected]
Mrs. Jennifer Lemet [email protected]
Mrs. Jennifer McKinney [email protected]
  Mrs. Janet Romanzak   [email protected]
  Mrs. Stephanie Satterfield   [email protected]
Mrs. Donna Saunders [email protected]
Ms. Kelly Scales [email protected]
  Mrs. Ashley Sipos   [email protected]
  Ms. Madison Toscano    [email protected]
Ms. Justice Turner [email protected]
Mrs. April Wolfe [email protected]
ITC Mrs. Kim Larsen LIBRARY
Computer Technician Mr. Michael Bean LIBRARY
Zone Tech. Mr. Caleb Williams LIBRARY
School Psychologist Mrs. Emily Milas BES [email protected]
School Social Worker Mrs. Jessi Ewing LHS [email protected]
ELL Teacher Joyce Metallo [email protected]
Secretary Mrs. April Scicchitano OFFICE [email protected]
Bookkeeper Mrs. Jennifer Carr-Batts OFFICE [email protected]
Cafeteria Manager & Workers Mrs. Ashley Vasquez
CAFETERIA [email protected]
Mrs. Julia Anderson CAFETERIA
Mrs. Karen Borum CAFETERIA
Mrs. Karen Parker CAFETERIA
Mrs. Angela Robertson
Custodians Ms. Leslie Parker [email protected]
Mr. Brian Fullen [email protected]